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Custom Syllabus on JAMAevidence

The JAMAevidence Custom Syllabus is a new functionality that enables instructors and learners to create courses and topics with JAMAevidence content, track learner progress, and generate usage reports. With the Custom Syllabus, evidence-based medicine programs can build a resource that matches their specific needs—mapping JAMAevidence content and capabilities to their institution's unique educational structure.

The Custom Syllabus provides a powerful and intuitive online interface for instructors to manage their learners' assignments. By replicating their existing class structure online, program directors can

  • Build collections of topics within a course structure, each with their own unique sets of customizable objectives and assignments
  • Create case narratives to provide context for each topic
  • Assign readings from JAMAevidence textbooks
  • Incorporate additional JAMAevidence tools and content such as Education Guides slide sets, calculators, figures, and tables
  • Customize Worksheets and Question Wizards
  • Schedule offline activities such as guest lectures or activities external to a course schedule
  • Generate reports for learner usage that track assignment completion
  • Link to primary references or other Web-based resources
  • Assign topics to teams of learners for group completion

With the Shared Topics functionality, instructors can save the topics they have developed so that others may view, adopt, and even modify their approach, all while giving credit to the original institution and instructor.

For evidence-based medicine learners, the JAMAevidence Custom Syllabus provides an intuitive interface for tracking educational progress and managing an individualized learning experience. For a given topic, each learner knows exactly what is expected and monitors his or her own progress toward achieving that goal. Learners may also create their own topics and join other teams of learners.

To activate the JAMAevidence Custom Syllabus for your institution, contact McGraw-Hill Education's Online Medical Editorial Director Michael Crumsho (

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