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Browse topical slide sets aimed at instruction of evidence-based medicine (EBM) concepts. Online slideshows are launched in a new HTML window, intended for individual use. PowerPoint downloads are available for group presentations and for printing. Speaker's notes are provided inside each slideshow and download.
Alcohol Abuse (777 KB)
Ascites (1.6 MB)
Bacteremia (1.2 MB)
Breast Cancer (1.8 MB)
Carotid Bruit (1.4 MB)
Cirrhosis (1.8 MB)
Clubbing (1.1 MB)
Death (806 KB)
Delirium (780 KB)
Dementia (994 KB)
Depression (830 KB)
Dyspepsia (1.1 MB)
Goiter (1.0 MB)
Hepatomegaly (1.2 MB)
Hypertension (908 KB)
Influenza (1.1 MB)
Low Back Pain (1.2 MB)
Malaria (884 KB)
Melanoma (1.8 MB)
Menopause (1.1 MB)
Migraine (1.1 MB)
Osteoporosis (1.6 MB)
Paracentesis (1.1 MB)
Parkinsonism (1.5 MB)
Pertussis (479 KB)
Sinusitis (2.2 MB)
Splenomegaly (2.1 MB)
Stroke (971 KB)
Vaginitis (1.4 MB)
Vertigo (3.3 MB)
The Rational Clinical Examination: Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis

The Rational Clinical Examination:

Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis®

David L. Simel and Drummond Rennie
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